Friday, February 22, 2013

it took more than two years..
after more than seven years we knew each other..
if i could turned back the time,
i don't want to know you
1day to know you
8 months to be your friend
and the rest.....,ermmmm
i think, i had enough with this
we shouldn't meet..

i takkan menidakkan takdir,berdosa..
it just, i wanna my life back..
yes,because of you..,
i am not interested with commitment anymore
i would say that i won't involve in love again,but it comes naturally..
because memory is something for us to refer,reminder to not doing the same mistakes anymore
even it definitely hurt inside

yes, i told you that i'll wait for you
yes, i told you that i'll never accept other guy
yes, i made few promises to you
and TODAY..,,
i'd like to break the promises,
i wanna you to take off 'this' out from my finger by yourself,,
to cancel your 'booking'...........
i can only carry my promises till here,start from now on..NO MORE
as you already have someone who suit you..
thank you for everything you've done to me so far..
thank you very much
thank you for closing our book,our story..

the injuries may heal,but not the scar,thank dear

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