Tuesday, February 26, 2013

this guy

he suddenly came into my life..,when i'm lost..totally lost..
somebody,who is also my 'brother' but not my brother,hehehe...abg R!
abg R is the one who introduce 'this guy' to me.. (^_^)

he give me strength mentally, but not through his advices...
through his own ways
he did nothing so far,
but i feel better when he call me,honestly!

OWHH guys.........i 'm not i love with him yet...
maybe it's good if it happened,but...
emmmmm, i'm trying actually

ya...ya..i do like him,
but how i'm suppose to say this,,
that hurt was tooooooo bad,man...
honestly, i'm scared!

never mine,lets talk about 'that feeling' later ya??

well,we' ve never met before,,haha
funny, right?!
we never know each other before but i am comfortable with him,through phone call..haiiyaa
as my wished in front of Kaabah last time...,
i wished he is the one..
i'm not pray for husband there,but i'm praying for the best in my life
because i believe,

and there must be a reason why HE let 'this guy' come into my life...
thank you ALLAH (^_^)

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